Since 1968, our factory in Arizona has provided top quality equipment for General Aviation throughout the United States and worldwide. TKM Avionics provides reliable, reasonably priced avionics and test equipment. Over 37,000 TKM Inc. replacement radios have been placed into field service to date.


“All of our new ‘slide-in’ replacement units ship from the factory with a 2-year warranty. Now, more than ever, we’re focused on quality and advanced engineering to ensure our systems offer ‘plug and play’ ease of installation. We’re also working on innovations such as Bluetooth connectivity and 8.33khz EASA compliant models.”  – Ken Beckemeyer

History of TKM Avionics

 Piper Cessna Magazine Article by Bob Hart, November 2014

“Their story is a good one and I expect (TKM) Michel Avionics will be around for quite a while continuing to make good quality, affordable avionics with the budget-minded avionics buyer in mind and that’s a very good thing!”

Bob Hart, www.AvionixHelp.com




Press Release

AEA International Convention & Trade Show – March 2015

“March 27, 2015, Scottsdale, AZ—One of the world’s most prolific but least-advertised manufacturers of navcoms for GA aircraft is TKM Avionics, formerly TKM Michel Avionics. TKM, now owned by former AmSafe CEO Ken Beckemeyer, is a new company with a long history that has delivered over 37,000 legacy replacement navcoms since 1969.”

Dave Franson, davefranson@mac.com



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TKM Avionics’ Return to Market

AVWeb’s Aviation Consumer editor Larry Anglisano talked with TKM’s Joe Gavin at Sun ‘n Fun 2015 in Lakeland, Florida, for an update on the company.

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